Silver Lining

By: Sohail Aziz

The recent flood is regarded as one of the worst natural disaster to have hit Pakistan, leading to extensive losses and migration of millions to unknown places with limited resources.

Electronic plus print media undoubtedly aimed to portray the real havoc caused by flood.

I think they were quite successful to fulfill their jobs very responsibly. Their coverage of flood hit areas often brought relief to the sufferers.

A huge space of boundless digital or e-world has been occupied by the videos and images showing agony and pain of flood affected people. 

While watching these clips and images uploaded on facebook and youtube users, my heart constantly questioned my soul that could any silver lining still be seen in the canvas of my country?

For a long span, the question remained unanswered. I tried to read the minds and faces of people around me, I tried to look for the silver lining in television channels but…the question remained unanswered.

I read the cries of sub-editors every day. I heard the disappointing statements of people who claim to be realistic beings that Pakistan has fallen 10 years back in economical perspective and that the agricultural sector of my home land, which is considered as the backbone of my country, has badly been struck by flood and what not.

But I was unable to find the answer of question that is there any silver lining?

This all nearly frustrated me and I was almost at the verge of acceptance and embracement that there is no silver lining.

Unless, I saw a video clip having duration of six minutes, with the title “Silver lining”.

This video was the answer to my question. It contained a message that despite of all the chaos, there is a group of people who just could not accept that we have become numb creatures.

Despite of losing everything in the flood, they had smile on their faces, enthusiasm in the blood and a silver lining in their existence.

The children at a relief camp established at Razakabad, Karachi, were  answer to my question.

My dear mother land though being badly washed by flood still hold some plants whose roots are so strong that the disaster of flood can not even bend their stems.

Though we are having a tough time but we must never lose hope because every cloud has a silver lining.