Thar Means Living Nearer To Nature

By: Fareeha Ali

I had no idea that my visit to Mithi would be so enjoyable and memorable as it turned out to be. The road was passing through the desert, it was calm, quite, peaceful, and beautiful with lush green bushes, the desert wondered itself.

Whenever it rains the desert becomes more beautiful and road to Mithi becomes adorable. We entered Mithi through Benazir Gate, found huts deep inside the desert and stopped to have lassi and tea at Malanhore Veena village.

It is an ideal spot for tourists. You come close to nature by hearing the sounds of birds and wild animals.

we talk about people of Mithi, they are lovable, hospitable and polite. Once you are here you will forget the rest of the world.

Nothing has diverted the people of Mithi from their culture. Village life of these people is very natural, pure and interesting.

They face every problem of life collectively. Having a look at the life of people here we found most of them laborer and very few having government jobs like school teacher.

In this advanced era, this area  lacks basic amenities of life like electricity, gas, water, school, hospital at most of the villages of Tharparkar, but in Mithi these basic needs are available to some extent.

I think for a while that every human being has a right to live and survive on earth with basic necessities.

After having a look of village life we went to visit main bazaar of Mithi from where I bought a hand made shawl, shirt, Ajrak, at low price.

Mithi is like a small bowl, we can see the beautiful view from top of the mount resort and it’s under construction place is named after former prime minister. Its view is same as that of Damn-e-Koh in Islamabad.  

During this trip, I finally got a chance to visit Naukot Fort. I explored historical and cultural heritage which is fascinating and vibrant.

Naukot Fort, a fortified strong hold of Talpur period is situated three Kilometers North West of Naukot town at the edge of Thar Desert.

It was built by Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur in 1814 A.D. The fort is divided into two portions, barracks and residential area. The main fort is 366ft in length and 318ft in breadth.

At main gate of fort, there is Small Square facing towards Thar Desert. The fort is made with burnt bricks laid with mud mortar and lime plaster.

The tapered fortification walls of fort are 4'.6" to 9'ft thick and roof is domed flat and vaulted at different places. The grandeur facade of fort makes it distinct from other fort.

The fort is now a perfect place for picnic. I hope that this special fort can be saved before it gets too late.

As our tour came to an end, we were on our way back, there were the magical scenes of Mithi in our minds and it was indeed a trip to remember.