Degree Or Aptitude

By: Samar Ahsan

After much hyped cases of our politicians holding fake degrees, a thought crossed my mind that what is more important, a degree or aptitude?

If a person is self indulged in the field work, why does he need a degree to prove his interest? Nothing can replace working experience and fine skills but degree shows the proof of effort and hard work by that individual in certain field.

On the other hand a certified degree is the first requirement which has to be fulfilled before applying for job. Here it does not matter how skilled or technically equipped that person is?

Degree is a part of structure which may function systematically.

There are some professions which require educational certification like medicine, law, engineering, banking etc and experience can not be gained without relevant study. Contrary to jobs that are more creative like fashion designing, architecture, craft work etc does not require any piece of paper for its certification.

Now days, aptitude is replacing the degree as each field of study demands to pass an aptitude test.

Now coming back to politicians with fake degrees, it is necessary to understand why fake degrees made such hype in media and why issue of a simple fake-graduate is different from a leader cum politician holding the bogus degree as well? This is simple; the leader has to follow the rules of the system so that an example can be set for others.

When we teach children not to lie, we must practice it ourselves to set a practical example. Similarly if head of department uses unlawful means to move ahead, then his sub-ordinates may do the same or even worse.

Let alone fake ones, a certified degree can be useless if one has no aptitude. So again, what is more important?

Hina, medical student is in favor of degree and states that “only aptitude can not make a person compete with degree holder. As far as politicians are concerned certified degree is necessary”.

Faisal, an engineering student supports a ratio of 60% aptitude and 40% degree. Sabeen, student of computer science, strongly believes in balanced combination of both degree and aptitude.

Tahir, literature student only supports aptitude, “it is impossible to avail degree without interest”, he opines.

Aptitude being inherent talent or learned ability, scores more. Having high aptitude for something means that you are good at doing that something.

It is the aptitude that determines level of interest in particular fields that is why aptitude tests are conducted before admission.

I have seen individuals succeeding through their mere indulgence in particular field. Degrees are vital to avail jobs, but the aptitude provides skill to do a job at its best.