Increasing Trend Of Cooking Shows

By: Ambreen Qasim

What should I cook today? It might be a simple question for us but most difficult for a woman at home. What is good for today's menu? But now these questions are answered by the cooking shows on televisions.

The cooking shows let us know about recipes of food, making easy for a woman to decide what she has to cook everyday.

Cooking shows are now a 24 hour entertainment. Whatever the time is, either morning, noon, evening, tea time or dinner, you can see these shows whenever you want.

Cooking channels like Masala Tv, Zauq and Zaiqa are famous in this regard, that provide 24 hours food recipes techniques to the house hold ladies.

But these cooking shows not just give new recipes but also disturbs home budget. Woman at home seeing a smart nicely dress up host or chef in program, expensive crockery wishes not only to use the same crockery but also to look like host.

Sometimes, they neglect their budget and spend more than their parameters. High cost ingredients really disturb economy of a household.

Foreign cuisine like Italian and Chinese needs a number of sauces and herbs necessary to put in the dish you are making.

It is also said that most of the single recipe prepared in these programs have the cost of 2-3 simple home dishes.

Are cooking shows a must part of homes? Is it essential or it is just wastage of time and money? Some people, especially young ones are of the view that they enjoy watching shows and have fun while preparing something new.

But a lot more people say that cooking shows are good entertainment, a better time pass but they are not essential for us.

Mrs Farhat a house wife says, cooking shows give new and prompting dishes, introduce cuisines of different countries which is good but it also disturbs budget because ingredients used are expensive because all recipes have some new ingredients which is necessary to add if you want good taste in dish.

The crockery used in such types of programs, dress and jewelry of host/chef also attracts people to see the cooking shows.

Male members who financially support their families are very much disturbed by these new expenses and they are of the opinion that such type of programs are putting bad effects on the society especially women. They complain that females become extravagant and love to copy paste the styles which they see on television.

So, the cooking shows at one hand provide us with the latest and best cooking patterns but at the same time, they also affect the society in terms of life style.