A Bold Step For Education In Kotri

By: Sajjad Jokhio

A great philosopher said: “Education is important from cradle to grave”, there is another saying that “if you teach a man you teach an individual but if you teach a girl you teach entire family”.

Female education is important in every society. A society develops through education. Education is back bone of nation development. If education sector is good we can stay safe from many evils that we face today. Through education, we can make bright future of our country.

In context of Sindh, very little has been done regarding the education of girls. It is considered as an evil and awful to send girls to schools.

As one girl I know was not given permission to seek admission in college by her parents because the college was in Hyderabad and she lived in Kotri. There is not much distance between Kotri and Hyderabad, ample transportation is also available but at the back of our minds, we still posses orthodox conservative thinking.

Thanks to the pervious government who started a degree college at Taluka Kotri in 2000-2001.

The college is situated at the heart of city, having a double storey building, with more than twenty class rooms, four laborites of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany, a library having more than 800 books on various subjects and four beautiful parks give a new look to the view of college building.

It is reported that more than eleven hundred girls were enrolled. The Degree College is divided into various faculties as Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and IT.

The college offers degrees of M.A, B.Sc, and B.A affiliated with University of Sindh. This college also enrolls the girls at intermediate level.  

The teaching staff is highly professional and competent. Amongst them, there are 05 assistant professors, 22 lecturers, which are all female, while other staff consists of head clerk, a steno, nine lab assistants, three gardeners and four sweepers.

Female students are happy to get education in this college.