Department Of Mass Communication, A Family

By: Bilal Hussain

In the life of a journalism student, there are very few moments when he or she can stop and reflect. The pace of news never stops and we go from one story to the next. What the Department of Mass Communication offers us, at University of Sindh, is first a moment of pause amidst in a hurried life. It gives us an incredible opportunity: the ability to stop, reflect and look around us.

We are surrounded by a band of amazing companions who share the same concerns, the same desires and same rage but on different paths, places and experiences. We quickly recognize each other and see clearly that we are of the same family.

Here the teachers, perhaps Ms. Farheen Ashfaque, would help you to take the pause, in the first year, while instilling in you the ability to communicate and make new relations.

So you have a better time identifying your family while you communicate, no matter how strong or ineffective one is.

The real strength of the new relations depends on how truthfully you perceive and then express your concerns towards the family members.

As you go further, Prof. Sohail Sangi would nurture your curiosity to get out and lengthen your relations to a greater scale. The professor, in the meantime, would help build your nose for news.

This would probably help you in interpreting newsworthy stories while you get along with the family members i.e the real people around you!

Journalism is truly a social science. In fact, it's more likely a relationship led by the people nearby. The larger your family, the greater are the chances of having news on right place and on right time.

It's obvious, having strong relations makes a journalism student confident and much comfortable in media culture.

The true sprit of the journalists' relations lies in journalism ethics. Complying with the moral standards and values is equally essential so as to understand, in whole, the ethical and legal implications of media and communication. It would eventually help you develop your sources as you move further in life.

Finally, all I mean to say is that if you meet the requirements well; if you succeed in getting into the family, you certainly one day be called a Journalist or Media man.

Your family of chairperson, teachers and peers at department of Mass Communication will assist you in understanding the transition from Mass Communication to Journalism or varied professions of Mass Media.