Life Of Flat Dweller, A Curse

By: Mehwish Rehman

I was moving towards my destination after hard and tiring routine of everyday's work. I had hardly reached at the centre portion of my plaza, suddenly I was welcomed by a packet of garbage. Somehow I managed to keep my self safe from becoming target of that troublful moment. After that when I entered in my flat and was just taking a sigh of relief in my room, a voice struck my ears, “pani tapak raha ha”. That was my neighbor living from a flat beneath my flat, who was getting bothered by the water drops falling from wet clothes which were hung so that they could be dried.

After all this, my mind said to me that it is a hard fact of life that life in flats is not less then a curse.

It's a universal truth that flowers are always accompanied with thorns. So where there are some advantages, there lay some disadvantages as well.

One family living in flat expressed their thought that among all problems, disturbance of privacy is the major issue.

Due to closely packed rooms, privacy of family matters becomes an open matter which is very unbearable. 

Some flats are designed very well and lots of facilities are also available but due to bad response of different communities, the equilibrium is disturbed.

Females living in flats say that another problem is congested kitchens which affects health as smoke and steam of cooking mixes with the air and creates inhalation problem.

Due to congested area, air and noise pollution also becomes an obstacle in the path of smooth life. The availability of low space, even does not allow the rays of sun to enter in rooms. In winters, people face lot of difficulty due to no access of sunlight.

A bachelor, Dr Qamar Shahbaz who has experience of flat life style, share his opinion that he has lived in flats throughout his life and mostly he faced problem of water.

Sometimes he has to go hospital without taking a bath and often leakage of water in bath room teased him a lot.

Then finally he decided to leave this cursed life and went to another place. Every person in this global village wants to take a breath in an open area, not in a congested place like flat.

Now days, flats and apartments have become a symbol of developed countries. Citizens of any country are not up to equal status and all of them can not afford to live in palaces. Therefore, flats do have an important position in the global eye.

But the worst conditions of infrastructure in our flats degrade its importance. A stern action and measure should be taken to save this global need from becoming the victim of bad management.

Hopefully, life in flat would not be a curse then