An Aggravating Mill

By: Iqbal Jarwar

Robert Orben said that there is so much pollution in the air that if it was not for our lungs there would be no place to put it all.

We can say that sugar industries of our country can be considered as a backbone of agriculture despite the dearth of sugarcane due to the scarcity of water for cultivation.

At one hand, these industries are source of economic stability for our country, while on the other hand, their chimneys throw a high volume of chemical pollutants which deteriorate our natural environment and create trouble for people.

Mehran Sugar Mill Tandoallahyar also depicts such a plight. It is situated at two to three kilometers away from south of Tandoallahyar at Tandoadam road and it is adding to the miseries of residents due to chemicals thrown from chimneys.

The sugar industry is basically seasonal in nature and operates only for one hundred twenty to two hundred days of year. Significantly, a large volume of waste generated during the manufacturing process of sugar contains a high amount of suspended solids, organic matter, biogases, press mud etc. The inhabitants of the area are specially facing the problem of press mud which not only creates suffocation but also pose hygienic threats. The women get tired of cleaning their houses because they clean their houses once but same situation turns out after few minutes.

It means that situation never changes and residents feel helpless to overcome this type of prolonged trauma.This whole situation turned into furious and rage reaction of city dwellers against sugar mill administration and owners. They held protest demonstrations as they felt that there in no other way out. 

This protest finally forced the sugar mill administration to launch pollution prevention technology known as designation plant.

Unfortunately, this plant had not been installed as yet and residents are facing prolonged problem of pollution.

However, this initiative taken by Ibrahim Memon, the owner of Mehran Sugar Mill, gave a hope to the residents. They eulogized this decision and hoped a better future. Apparently, it seems that the dreams of the people would come true but still some questions arise in their minds that would sugar mill administration translate its initiative into action or would it be a consolation to make the people feel happy and comfortable? Would problem of pollution virtually be eliminated after launching the designation plant?

Mr Kafeel, Technical Officer at Mehran sugar mill stated that after launching this plant, all complaints of the residents would be resolved.

People of Tandoallahyar want this decision to be implemented in letter and spirit. Change is a buzz word as according to John F Kennedy “change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to lose future”. Same situation stands for the people of Tando Allahyar as they also want to change their circumstances.

Their hue and cry is justified because industries are meant to provide better infrastructure to a state but when that very source of prosperity becomes a cause of suffering then people agitate and demand for their basic rights.

The government should take stern action to provide relief and should take prevention measures to avoid such kind of problems because its not only case of Tandoallahyar but similar cases lay down in various other parts of country as well where people are deprived of their fundamental amenities of life.