Was It The Reason I Built For?

By: Hosh Mohammed Dhamrah

Wall chalking is the ugly face of "freedom of expression" and the power to which people have been introduced by rebellious thoughts.

I walked around my area looking left and right I found walls were weeping. I went close to one of wall and asked the reason. The wall told when I was newly constructed I was so beautiful that everyone could be proud of it. As time passed, one person like you came to me and started painting which made me angry but unfortunately I was unable to retaliate.  It hurt me a lot.  Later, many people came here sprayed me, which made me look so dirty and I started hating my face and wondering that was it the purpose I was built for?  This is not only my problem but every wall suffers the same injustice.

After hearing the ordeal of wall, I was speechless. Perhaps there was no wall which survived from chalking and this is not only case of my area, every wall of the city is facing same problem. Now we are so used to of chalking that without it a wall looks dumb, deaf and blind.

In early 1950s, wall chalking was preferably used for film publicity but now it is used for several reasons.

People chalks to run from the cost as it is cheapest way of advertising. Public or government building, schools, colleges housed in private buildings are victim of it and it is done in the darkness of night.

It is interesting to notice that we usually commit those acts which are strongly prohibited, for instance “yahan pe kachra phenkna mana hai, yahan pe thookna mana hai, is deewar par likhna mana hai,” these types of writing I found mostly and interestingly where comparatively a large heap of trash was found, or the wall was filled with chalking.

Wall chalking has disgraced the beauty of a city. It actually shows how civilized we are.