Ice Factory Hazardous For Health

By: Khuda-i-Dost

As summer arrives, it brings scrumptious fruits, vegetables along comes sweltering heat. The days of enjoyment of poor have gone and the scorching hot weather has begun. The poor labor force and most of the middle class people  will have to put up with deprived luxurious resources, they don't enjoy the cooling of air conditions and the cold water of refrigerators, to combat and shut the doors of warm winds and burning sun.

To reduce the effect of climatic forces the poor and hard workers use the ice of local factories to cool themselves, which is often made of unpurified water of tabs and ponds established inside the factories which turn out to be the cause to many diseases. The industries do not care for the purification of the water which they are using. During the hot season when people use this ice, it immediately catches the throat due to which the individual become victim of sore throat. This ice is also used by the people in the famous GOLA used for the children which is further injurious for health due to unclean and unhygienic brands of sweet colors used.

The question arise that how does unpurified water affect human body?

The water used in the Factory Ice is contaminated and can very badly affect human body. Water contains hazardous chemicals pesticides, organic compounds, industrial effluents. i.e. The pollutants contain bromide, mercury, sulphide, oregano chlorine, oregano phosphorus and many more. All the above compounds are carcinogenic, that causes several types of cancers.

Polluted water has very low amount of oxygen and contains high carbon.

Many types of diseases like diarrhea, gastro, stomach and intestinal problems may cause due to contaminated water. This polluted water also causes water borne diseases.

This ice is now produced on an industrial scale, utilized in food storage and processing, chemical manufacturing, concrete mixing and curing, and consumer or packaged ice. Most commercial ice makers produce three basic types of fragmentary ice: flake, tubular and plate, using a variety of techniques. Large batch ice makers can produce up to 75 tons of ice per day. 

Millions of the people who buy bottled water to avoid tap water but ice made from the same tap water they use to consume into all their favorite beverages. A spokesperson for a large beverage company recently stated that the company was declaring war on tap water. He stated that while tap water might be suitable for washing clothes and taking showers, it is not suitable for human consumption. The ice industry needs to join in this war against tap water. Now we must move to a purified standard and, once done, we should seek to make the general public regard ice made from tap water as unacceptable.

Now the question arises is that, will this ice become a consideration in these markets as well?

Will the Pakistan ice factories be prepared to carry its purification and freezing technologies to these markets or will we lose another expansion opportunity?