Nail Art

By: Maria Lodhi

A girl when top to bottom dresses up with different colors putting up making and other, in such a getup just simple plane nails does not enhance the personality to great extent.

Women who love to add beauty to every tiniest part of the body can not leave the nails boring or painted with the simple color.

I never found nails so boring earlier but the day when I was exploring art on internet, I happened to see the word nail tutorial it was something that I never knew about.

The glance on the word made me to guess about it several times before I clicked on I could not have any idea what this could be, as I was just aware of single nail paint.

Right after the single click on the nail tutorial I could see world of colors converged to women nails. Some of them were painted, some use stickers on it and others were the artificial nails. The images that were shown kept on boosting my interest and I could not notice it took my hours.

 This art is not just about painting the nails with different colors but it has turned into a fashion of its own. In other words it is a way of showing ones creativity.

One can easily show the creativity with its mood and add as much of imagination and colors as much she wants. It may be flowery pattern, a wild strong look or party funk up colors it can be turned on according to the event women wear it on engagement wedding ceremony and parties this help to make a personality more colorful by drawing nails in contrast with the dress etc.

Women in 3000 BC started nail art by used some juices of tree bark etc. This art was also a part of Chinese and Egyptian. Later women started designing the nails using henna (Mehendi). But it got modernizations in 17th century. In 19th century it got its strong roots in U.A.E fashion.

The art that is rapidly flowing in the roots of fashion can not be reflected only here in Pakistan. Pakistan and different other industries are introducing product to support this enhancing craze. The craze within in youth is never ending and also art lover who love it.