Dying Culture Of Sindh

By: Wali Mohammad Bhatti

Mela and Malakhra are soul of Sindhi culture. After hearing about Mela, a thought of gladness arise in our minds and we become curious to have a look on such Mela.

Primarily when Arabs came here for trade or for visiting purpose, they began to play this game here and it was also inherited in the form of Sindhi culture.

They also used to compete in battlefields and had a deal that, who ever wins will be the owner of that land.

Later natives of this region liked this game a lot and that is why they adopted it and today it has become a part of Sindhi culture.

In Mela, different types of traditional games, competitions like animal races are organized and most amazing part of a Mela is "Malh" (wrestling). It is very interesting game and is also called Malakhro which is the most illustrious name.

Some miraculous games also amaze people too much in Mela like cradles, trains, well of death, zoo and circus where wonderful magic tricks are shown.

These all are arranged by those people who put their life at risk and amuse people. Some other places are arranged, especially for children like stalls for shopping, where different types of toys are kept for sell.

There is also another side of the Mela one can find sweet stalls. There are so many other areas like Adabi conference and Mushaira where certain men of letter and poets come to cherish the audience.

There are some traditional Melas which take place in cities like Sehwan  (Qalandar Lal Shehbaz's Mela), Bhitt Shah (Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai's Mela), Faridabad (Shah Godriyo's Mela) and Khairpur Nathan Shah (Nathan Shah's Mela).

These are festivals where Malakhro is essential element.

In Malh competition, participants (Malh Pehlwan) come from different parts of the country.

Malh is extremely fascinating game which is played under some rules and regulations. No wrestler wants to lose and do not want to be disgraced.

People come to see Malakhro not only from Sindh, Balochistan, Panjab and NWFP but also from foreign countries like Afghanistan, China and India etc.

There may be some reasons, by which Melas and Malakhra (Malh) are about to lose their historical importance.

Hence, to preserve this unparalleled heritage of our culture, it is necessary to come forward and raise a voice in order to keep it safe because if we would not keep our culture safe then who else will?