The Iron Girl,Rabail Ameer

By: Fareeha Ali

It's mid afternoon and the sun is beating down heavily on every one in the ground of arts faculty where I met Rabail Ameer.

Rabail Ameer, 23, was born in Tando Adam. Her father is a doctor. After completing her primary education from Marvel Academy Karachi, she passed her matriculation from Ever Green School Tando Adam.

During her college education she was a brilliant student and often secured first position at New Aligarh collage.

When she passed her intermediate examination, she decided to join university in order to peruse her degree in commerce.

Now she is in final year of Commerce Department at University of Sindh. She had all capabilities but has a disability of dwarfism. Unlike other biomedical conditions dwarfism has recently been considered a disability.

People who are affected by dwarfism are often referred to as little people. It's a genetic disorder, although she is dwarf but she faces all challenges of life boldly.

According to Rabail, “I don't know whether I will continue my studies further or not, but my parents are there to guide me at every step and encourage me, support me in every walk of life. I have faced a lot of rejection and difficulties but I kept going because I always trusted Allah.

I am sensitive and I have my weakness if people say you have not lived up to expectation I get upset.

I face difficulty in point buses and in gatherings, so I avoid to attend gatherings. I like poetry short stories, I like every good piece of writing no matter who wrote it, sometimes one comes across a piece in a newspaper that may be delightful”.

Rabail recalls when she was in school. She spent her summer vacations with her aunt who lived in Mirpurkhas.

She planned to make Ras Malai but when she willed, she added too much water so it was not a Ras Malai. Rather it was full of water with Malai dish. 

Though Allah has given me little height, but Allah gave me so many things too, she says.

Kulsoom Sheikh final year student of Commerce and Rabail's close friend said, Rabail is cooperative, she is confident and she never feels shy, she faces all challenges of life with courage. She is friendly in nature and she is good in studies as well.

Another friend of Rabail Sapna Sahfiq said, “Rabail is frank and polite although she is sensitive but she is iron girl”.

People are conservative as compared to present age so called liberal society but Rabail can not recall a single incident in which she was harassed.

Rabail is a girl, whom all other girls can look up and get inspiration to improve their status and living.