A Man Of Determination

By: Rizwan Ali Brohi

Many people are known for their abilities in this world and several of them become famous with their personal qualities. Few of them put the world in wonder with their amazing artistry.

Similarly, Gul Muhammad Baloch is also one, who is a blind, creative and talented, having an art of making useful things from iron sheets since last 38 years.

He was born on 21st January, 1956 in a village at Jungshahi, Thatta. His father was a poor labor man who used to blow up the rocks by dynamite material.

Gul Muhammad had a keen interest in studies since childhood. He was bright and intelligent.

A tragedy struck his life when he wished to go with his father to see how he blows up the rocks. Being an innocent child of eight years, he unknowingly took a piece of dynamite and started playing with it. He was completely unaware about that dangerous thing which brought the darkness in such a tender age.

Suddenly, that dynamite exploded and injured him seriously. His life was saved but unfortunately lost his sight in that fatal incident. It was not the end of miseries, indeed, life started of examining his existence after that incident and another deeper shock again knocked his door with the news of his father's death when he was only ten.It is an old saying that “God help those, who help themselves”, being blind he did not lose his courage and started working to make useful commodities for house hold from iron sheets.

He is eager to make new things with every rising sun. During work, he uses hammer and sometime it hits on his fingers. Often, iron sheets cut his fingers which make him feel pain, blood oozes but he says that he is habitual to bear these sorts of pains.

Gul Muhammad has a quiet good sense of humour. He is a diligent person. Whenever he feels lonely, he likes to sit with children and amuse them with stories and jokes. Children enjoy those stories and love to hear them.

People come to meet him. He believes that he lost his eyes by his due to innocent mistake but he always thank the Creator, Who bestowed him with such an art and he proudly pronounce that he is not a burden on anyone.

He desires that if he would not have lost his eyes, he might have become an educated engineer.

He wishes to be given a chance to work in any manufacturing factory, where household and toys are built.

Perhaps the life of this blind Gul Muhammad is conveying us a massage that disability could not be the cause of poverty for an optimistic person.