When Oddity Becomes Identity

By: Farooq Ahmed Soomro

Every person has different qualities so for every one is different and unique to other. Some people are distinguished for their intelligence and efficiency while others mark their identification through their unique acts in the society.

These all things are not related with Naseer Soomro but he is different and unique from others by having a height of 8 feet and one inch. Who would have wondered that tallness of this man would become his identity someday and would become the center of attention for a large portion of world?

Naseer Soomro was born in 1975 at Shikarpur. After completing his primary education from Hathi gate school, he completed his Intermediate from C&S Government Degree College Shikarpur.

He joined Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur for graduation. Being tall, Naseer Soomro soon became very popular, not only in Pakistan but also at international level.

He earned popularity with the unique symbol of creation by God and gained central position throughout the world.

After Aalam Channa passed away in 1998, Naseer Soomro got title of being the tallest man by Asian and European media. Now, according to height, he is at 2nd number in the Guinness Book of World and at 1st number in Pakistan till today.

Naseer Soomro has visited 19 countries of world just because of popularity in regard of his height. Among them France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, America are worth mentioning.

He tells about his growing height that he was completely normal in his childhood, but at the age of ten years, his height grew up rapidly because of sudden fast fever. When he visited a doctor for checkup, he was told that because of growth hormones disease, his height is increasing quickly. For stopping this growth, doctors suggested operation. But due to financial problems it was  not got possible.

Naseer Soomro, where he gets so much love and respect because of being unique, there he also faces challenges. He can not travel comfortable in car, rickshaw and van. He always avoids these needs of transports.

When he goes out side in the market or some place of outing, he is surrounded by odd eyes of women and children as if he is a man of some other world.

At times it also happens that children get afraid of him and change their routes and paths on which he walks. It hurts him a lot and he feels shame.

He likes sky blue color and is fond of vegetables. In 1999, he got a job in Pakistan International Airlines, but he was terminated. After that he is unemployed till today.

Now days, Naseer Soomro is facing a lot of challenges for the survival of his family. Soft hearted, cheer full and master of great nature Naseer Soomro is also famous with his used clothes and shoes. In Pakistan, Naseer Soomro is spending a life of unemployment, though he is offered jobs of handsome salaries by different countries but this great man prefers to lead an unemployed life in his own land then to serve some other country.

He says that life is the name of ups and downs. His friends have supported him in every step of life. He loves his friends and family.

He is not only unique by his stature but he is also unique by his thoughts, loving nature and purified soul.