Continuous Struggle Is The Only Way Out

By: Samar Ahsan

Life is full of opportunities if a person wills to take full advantage of it. Making your way in this constant society is a difficult task but for some it’s all the skill they have of entrepreneurship.

Munawar Ali Rind, a well spoken intellectual young man, youth activist, founder and Executive Director of Participatory Youth Development Network (PYDN)-Pakistan. He wanted to target the youth of the marginalized areas of Pakistan.

PYDN-Pakistan has started the skill-based youth empowerment and development training programs focusing on both the university and college students.

Munawar was born on 17th, October 1988 in district Umerkot and got initial education from government school at Umerkot. He passed matriculation and intermediate from Hyderabad. Currently, he is studying at SZABIST-Islamabad.

It is said that upbringing of an individual has a lot of impact on career of a person. The exposure and mind set of people around can contribute in a very effective way. Although he grew up in village but he aimed to achieve a better tomorrow, which motivated him to reach out to more developed cities. He would not had achieved this without the help of his family. So he moved from Umerkot to Hyderabad and later on Karachi.

His father always wanted him to become doctor contrary to his own passion for social and corporal enterprunership. Munawar feels pleasure in social work, therefore he made his passion his profession.

He first got involved in voluntarily support work for senior people for any positive activity in Hyderabad and Karachi. Then, he became member of National Youth Task Force (formed by World Population Foundation, WPF-Pakistan) from Sindh Province. He got involved in the policy making process using WPF Pakistan platform. He played an important role in the making of national policies on Youth, Education and Health.

The years 2008-09 were remarkable years of his life. During these years he traveled to different cities in Pakistan and increased his networking within and outside Pakistan, affiliating PYDN-Pakistan with World Population Foundation-Pakistan (WPF-Pakistan), National Youth Task Force (NYTF), Youth Parliament of Pakistan-(YPP), and Future Leaders of Pakistan (FLP).

Majority of this networking was with youth who belong to middle class of Pakistan. Here, he came to know that youth of Pakistan is looking for some direction to follow and they are looking to be competitive, and searching for the opportunities and platforms where they could groom and explore themselves.

After that he got associated with World Population Foundation (WPF)-Pakistan office during November 2008. This was his first serious entry in the national level development sector.

In May 2009, he came up with PYDN-Pakistan only for the youth that belong to the marginalized area of Pakistan. Very first support came from his family when his father supported financially and allowed him to open office setup at one portion of the house. And then, Prof. Aijaz Ahmed Qureshi, Senior Development Practitioner and founder of SDSC Deptment at University of Sindh and Former Chairman of IBA came up for his  support and helped increase in public relations.

At first he had some issues of finances. But he was motivated enough and kept on working day and night in the starting. Within few days, he and his PYDN gained support from ISMA, HIAST, CMS, SLA, and numerous other organizations as well as educational institutes in Hyderabad. He held first successful training program on May 31, 2009.

First ever Sindh Youth Summit (SYS)-2010 was a mega event organized by PYDN-Pakistan at Hyderabad on February 12-14. This was successfully aimed to enrich culture with youth perspective and develop young leadership.

He participated in a conference at SZABIST Model United Nations (ZABMUN) Karachi, and won Best Delegate Award in June 2008.

He also participated in one more conference held at Beacon House Model United Nations (BMUN) Islamabad, in July-August 2008.

Then in November-December 2008 he contributed in National Youth Summit (NYS), by World Population Foundation (WPF), Islamabad, Peace Diplomacy, March’09 by NOW Communities, Karachi. Women Deliver-Invest in Women: It Pays. June 7-9, 2010, Washington, DC, United Sates of America, 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive & Sexual Health (5APCRSHR), October’09, Beijing, China.

He aspire PYDN-Pakistan, to make International and be the representative youth network of the third-world countries youth. Immediate objectives of PYDN Pakistan are its expansion to marginalized districts of Pakistan. Very soon, PYDN-Pakistan is coming up with Punjab Youth Summit and 2nd Sindh Youth Summit.

With this, he holds a vision of opening a group of colleges and universities for rural development and poverty alleviation.

Munawar strongly believes in his will power and being optimistic and inspiring many towards making every one personal revolution, so that the collective spirit may be strengthened.

He engages with his team of volunteers in such a way that he and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality, thus implementing and practicing a transformational leadership model.

He is a courageous individual who is committed and determined to fulfill his vision and contributing for the well being and progress of nation.

Education has an immense impact on the human society. Man becomes a rational animal when he is educated. It is through education that knowledge and information is received and spread throughout important role in the progress of an individual’s mind. His message to youth is “to never give up their dreams”.