Passion That Leads Toward Success

By: Rizwan Brohi

Poetry has served as a call to arms and to unite the nations at the time of problems, disasters and wars.

It is also a way of expressing the circumstances of any nation. It is written in the pages of history that poet with their revolutionary poetry woke up nations out of deep slumber and made them independent. 

Sindh, the land of poets has produced many poets. One of them is Ayaz Amar Sheikh.

He was born on 5th February, 1977 in a village Gahee Khan Shiekh, Sujawal.

He got his early education from his home town. Did his matriculation and intermediate from there. He moved towards Sindh Agriculture University of Tandojam for graduation, where he passed his BSc in Agronomy.

Ayaz Amar Sheikh was inspired from poetry. He formally started poetry in 1995. His first poetry was published in Adab Magazine.

Later, he wrote poetry in Moomal, Saars, Keenjhar, Mehran, Sojhro, Pukaar, Artaa, Ibrath and others magazines.

He was inspired from Shah Abdul Latif and Sheikh Ayaz but Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ahmed Faraz, Ayub Khoso and Hussain Dars are his favorites.

Ayaz Ahmed's first book was published in 2005.

Up till now, his three books have been published which included “Sindh Jo Chandh”, “Tutal Tukra Wajood Ja” and others.

Ghazals, songs, poems, tri-liner, Doha and Wayee are also included in his writing experiences. However, he likes the prose most.

Allah Dino Khaskheli, Rano Faqeer, Sajan Sirai, Allah Dino Junejo, Sadiq Faqeer and others in their audio cassettes and programs have sung his poetry. 

There are a few poets whose poetry posses some message and Ayaz is one of them.

His writing style and form is different from other poets, however his poetry woke many sleeping souls.

He has attractive personality and beautiful character with honest heart.

Ayaz Amar has got many achievements in his poetic career and he was awarded Majta Certificate from Halar Digest and Naarayen Shaam Award from Sindhi Adabi Sangat on his book “Sindh jo Chand.

His writing is based on revolutionary thought, emotional feeling and peaceful messages.

Senior writer of Thatta Rasool Bux Dars says Ayaz Amar is a fine poet and especially in prose he writes very concisely with magical words.

Ayaz writes articles in his free time and usually sits with friends to express his feelings. Professionally, he is a small land owner which is only  his income source..