Professor Mohammad Hassan Bodlo Zardari

By: Hosh Mohammad Dhamrah

There are only few people who not only earn fame but set a platform for others to get along. It is said that difficulties are the part of the life and one who over comes, he becomes a real man.

Professor Mohammad Hassan Bodlo Zardari has accomplished great achievements in difficult circumstances in which others would have taken back step. Though he belonged to a very poor family, it was his determination that he stood firm and achieved his destination and today, he is considered among the renowned personalities.

Having no educational activities in his village, where nobody could cross intermediate and people having minimum resources, there was hardly a person who thought of higher education and made his way to urban areas.

Professor Bodlo was born on January 5, 1949 in a small village Kod Khan Zardari, Sarhari, district Sanghar. After completing early education from his village, he went to Nawabshah for his matriculation, intermediate and graduation. Along with his studies, he also worked as a dispenser to meet his educational expenses and support family. He was appointed as a Research Associate at Government College Nawabshah soon after completing his graduation.

He became lecturer of Department of English, University of Sindh in 1972. After some time he left for United States of America for further studies at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and University of Leeds, United Kingdom for his Masters degree. He also joined an institute as an Urdu teacher in USA.

One of his friend said, Prof Zardari used to be so well- dressed in his student life that most of the colleagues remained unaware of his poor family background.

Bodlo while serving as teacher at UoS also held different positions like Head of Teacher's Association and Provost of Boys Hostel. Later in 1982, he was appointed as a Director of English Language Development Centre at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology.

By nature polite and soft spoken Bodlo some times also showed aggression.

Prof Bodlo Zardari tied to such nature that would not tolerate any wrong thing. Once he took out his frustration on a truck driver who blocked the road for 15 minutes without any genuine reason, not only he beat him down but hand him over to the police.

Now days, he spends most of his time in his library, approximately 6000 books on different subjects available. Sindhi, Urdu and English Literature are his most favorite subjects. He also published a book named “Religious Elements in Waiting for Godot.” In 2004 and also working on some other books, which are still to be published.

He took retirement at the end of 2008 and currently passing his experience to the young students as CSS coaching classes in his village.

One of his class fellow said about him that he was considered as a creative and hard working rather than a brilliant student. He had ideas of his own.

Professor Mohammad Hassan Bodlo Zardari's life is such an inspirational one for the youth that one can learn the skills of success with limited resources.