Abbas Ali Shah

By: Syed Naveed Haider

”I don't believe in limitation of knowledge, that is why I have not specialized in any particular field but still acquiring knowledge in all fields." these are the words of a competent teacher of our university Abbas Ali Shah.

Abbas Ali Shah belongs to an educated family of Badin. His maternal grandfather was a well known scholar and wrote 22 books in Sindhi, Urdu and English. Beside this, he also owned  library in Halla which he donated to Sindhology.

Syed Abbas was born on February 3, 1966 and after completing SSC he returned Badin and did his intermediate from Islamia College.

He wanted to become a doctor so he choose pre-medical group. Unfortunately, today he is not a doctor but a social worker and serving as Asst. Professor at Department of Social Work.

He worked in different NGOs such as Sindh AIDS Control program, Sindh Rural Development program for the betterment of society.

Abbas Ali is well known to all people Arts Faculty as well as outside not because of his humorous nature but also because of his frank behavior with all.

One of his colleague said that Abbas is very nice but he is very out spoken when he is in good mood but nobody takes his words seriously because he has no bad intentions, he is nice by heart.

Usually, University students avoid to attend the class but the case is different, one of the student told that Abbas has a natural attraction hence students like to attend his classes.

He creates a friendly environment and students are keen to participate in class activities,

According to Syed Abbas " teaching is not my passion but to groom the students to shine for our nation and for this I have to create a suitable teaching environment so that students gain the knowledge with full interest just not by force but by love "

People earn money to utilize but Abbas earns to spend. One of his friends told that he spends 70% of his salary in helping poor.

He never ignores any needy person; he helps the students who can not afford their educational expenses.

Abbas Shah has unique choice, he likes company of old people when we asked reason, he said “I like to sit with the oldies because they give me the rudiment experience which help me in my life"

Beside this Abbas likes to visit the ancient civilization of the  world such as Egypt, Syria and India too not for the sake of enjoyment but to see their old civilization.

He calls the developed countries " the jungle of buildings " and never wished to go their . He visited all the historical and archeological places of Sindh.

Syed Abbas Ali Shah is like a lamp of knowledge we should gain some light for our better future.