A Great Teacher, Poet And A Writer Mohammad Saleh Soomro

By: Tahir Odhano

The death is natural phenomena and bitter truth. But the real death occurs when people forget you forever as your presence were only a dream in this world. So I have learned that only way to remain alive in the human's heart forever is just to do something or to write something for them.

These unparallel words were said by a great (Retired) teacher, poet and a writer, Mr: Mohammad Saleh Soomro. He was born on April 4, 1941 at Nasirabad, District Kamber ,Shahdadkot.

He received his early education by getting Primary Last Education Certificate (PLEC) from Primary Main School Nasirabad. PLEC was the earlier education certificate which was given to students of that time.

Mr. soomro wrote five books in Sindhi Language. Out of which three books have been published, which include Tuhfaa-e-Eidul Uzha, Sogaat-e-Mohabbat and last one is Na Wisrandar Galihyoon.

His poetry too has been published in many Newspapers of Sindh, The Daily Ibrat, The Daily Awami Awaz, The Daily Khabroon and others. Besides, he is inclined towards religion as well; he did Ummra in 2001 and Hajj in 2006 while he also visited Iran in the year of 2007.

 He did his Masters in Islamic Culture in 1966 from the Punjab Board along with other educational courses like, Fhazul Urdu, Munshi Persian, Munshi Aallim Persian and Munshi Fazul Persian while the Molvi Arabic from Hyderabad Board.

Mohammad Saleh Soomro is not only a writer and a poet but a Scholar too. While studying, he founded a Bazam-e-Mehran Adab at Nasirabad which was good platform for the people who were interested in poetry and writing where students and professionals usually gather for reading their poetries and Makkalaaz.

He had been General Secretary of Primary Teachers Association (PTA) of taluka Warah for more than three years. He first got his job of PST in 1958 with income of 40 rupees. In 1972, he became JST and HST in 1986.

His posting was done in different Schools like, Bakhar Karira School of Taluka Dokri, Highi School of Mehar, Ghaji Khuhawar and at last to Nasirabad till his retirement on April 3, 2001.

He proved to be a good educationalist, bringing number of students at remarkable positions like Additional Session Judge Annand Rah Serani, Chief Engineer (HASCO) Shams-u-din Sheikh, D.P.O Aftab Ahmed Halepoto and several others.

He is among a few persons who live in the heart of people as a role model forever. One of his poetic master pieces is: