Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

By: Farhan Ali Abbasi

Obstacles hinder everyone, but there are only few who face and surpass those obstacles patiently. If we peep into history, we come to know that there were many who faced numerous problems in their lives but never lost hope. They never asked life that why me? Indeed they always preferred to challenge life by saying, try me!

Such a man, I came across in the present age of hustle and bustle.

Ismail Bhai was born in 1954. He was not fond of studying since his childhood. When he was Five years old, he used to play with his friends in the street.

Some of his friends worked at bicycle shops and used to bring decorated bicycles on holidays.

One day he said to his father that he want to learn skill of cycle mechanic. His father refused and suggested him to learn some profitable skill.

On his insistence, father again suggested him to learn work of motor mechanic.

But his desire and interest to learn skill of cycle mechanic made his father to agree over his proposal and he was allowed to learn the work of his choice.

In that context, his father sent him to a bicycle shop at Latifabad.

There he got training from Shaukat Hussain. He got to learn that skill with a very polite, humble and affectionate guidance of Shaukat Hussain. As per Ismail's statement, he was never treated badly by his trainer.

Finally, he became a skilled cycle mechanic and proved his metal.

Initially he started working at Giddu Chowk. Later his brother opened a bicycle shop of his own at Latifabad but it went in loss so he had to close that.

Then came a hard period of his life but he never lost hope and continued his struggle.

Day in and day out, he kept on working with honesty, dedication and devotion. He soon came to be known as a skilled cycle mechanic of his time.

Finally his struggle and striving attitude towards his skill brought prosperity in his life. He got married and with the passage of time, managed to marry two of her daughters. One of his sons is doing diploma while other has done

Today he has grown older and it is a very crucial period of his age but still he filled with that same spirit of life, which he used to have many years back, during his youth. He badly feels the need of a motorcycle but he prefers to walk.

No matter what happens, such people never turn blue because they have been through hardships of life.

Such people are a living example for those who are doomed in the darkness of despair and disappointment.