Justice Is With The Righteous: Khalid Hussain Shahani

By: Yusra Shahani

Rare people exist who are destined to success by their nature shaped through professionalism. We often see successful people around us with high sprits and achievements. They achieve the status only after a long struggle.

One such hard working is Khalid Hussain Shahani. He belongs to a respectable family of Larkana.

He received early education in Larkana and graduated from Sindh  University Jamshoro.

He was elected president of Sindh High court Bar Association Larkana.

His outstanding achievements are not simply of his efforts, but his  family supported him to a great extent with complete liberty.

Along with the responsibility of family and professional work, he also lent time to his studies and recently completed his LLM from Hyderabad. He is very enthusiastic and much clear about his target objectives.

Mr Hussain says it is not easy to provide equal justice. He believes, only those who do justice with themselves, are able to dispense justice to others.

His elder brother, who was a doctor in Jinnah hospital, was killed some years back, and that embarked him to fight his first case. This was the point, when his family was looking to him to bring justice to home. Mr Shahani fought that case intelligently and succeeded.

He believes that the law is equal for all but justice is with the righteous. He says that the violators of laws and rule of society that ensure social harmony should be punished. In his view, if the Islamic Judicial system is properly enacted, justice can be done to all.

He has friendly behavior with family, friends and relatives. He is a caring and very kind hearted person. Last year, when flood struck Larkana, he got out to help the people in need. He visited the camps of internally displaced persons and helped them financially also.

Mr Hussain wants to convey the message to young generation: “be accountable to yourself, do justice with your self and others and pay attention to studies for education is the key to success”.