Do Not Study Only For Getting Job:Miskeen Samo

By: Muhammad Javed Majeedano

There are few people in this world, who has multidimensional personality, they do many jobs at the same time, Ahmed Khan Samo famously known as Miskeen Samo is perform one of them.

Though by profession Miskeen Samoo is a teacher, he also has vast contributions in the realm of Sindhi literature and journalism.

 “When I was a student in primary school, teachers used to give a lot of homework if we were unable to do it, the next day teachers used to punish us corporally. That time, I decided to become a teacher and thought that I would not give home work large enough to my students.” He explained reasons of joining the field of teaching.

 Miskeen was born on 22 August 1965 at the home of Muhammad Ramzan Samoo at village Salih near Tando Allahyar, where he got his early education and later he did M.A in Sindhi from University of Sindh Jamshoro. He belongs to working class family background, his father was Peasant.

Sharing his 16 years of long affiliation with education sector, he says it needs revolutionary changes as obsolete knowledge is being taught in our schools. Now, education has become only a source of getting job, one should not study for the sake of job.

 Inspired by Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Shaikh Ayaz, Miskeen has written a lot of poetry which he wants to publish in the  shape of book but owing to weak financial position he has not been able to do so. His poetry used to be published frequently in different magazines of Sindhi language like Nae Zindhigi, Gul Phul etc.

He wrote his first poetry when he was in the fifth class, those lines are.

“Hoo Jaa Latarian Latt, Pireen Pahanjy Peran Saan,

Aaon Naa Un Jehroo, Mola Kando Medoo Ahmed Un Ajeeb Taan”

 Though there is no rhythm and poetry rules have been used in these lines, but what is impressive is his keen interest even in the age of nine.

 His prose book “Vako had Ma Lahe” is completed and he has intention to publish it when he gets chance.

 Perfectionist, writer and poet Miskeen Samo says he believes in quality rather than quantity.

Miskeen has study in multiple fields but he reads books pertaining to politics and literature interestingly. If there is one book that is most enjoyed by him is “Je Kat Kathoyorian Kapri” by Shaikh Ayaz; he says Shaikh Ayaz has done brilliant work in the book.

His affiliation with literature is not confined till reading and writing books but he had also been as active member of Sindhi Adbi Sangat in Tando Allahyar. He has the honor of being 1st Secretary Sindhi Adbi Sangat. He has been also in charge of literature section in Gonj news paper.

If some one want to see a person who has never been seen in anger and has always smiling face then one should meet with Miskeen Samoo. His student says about him that he has never punished them corporally.