The Master's Eye Is The Best Fertilizer

By: Sindhu Mallah

In this world there are many epople, who work hard to achieve their goals in life. For them motivation is everything. Such people concentrate on their aims’.

 Mohan Lal Kolhi is among those who are common but uncommon for his passion and motivations. Mohan Kolhi is born in 1952 at Kari Mori, Dholan Das Bagh Hyderabad .

He spent his childhood days in his village, He also started work with his father Dhengho Lal Kolhi who was also farmer.

It is farmer who buys everything at retail but sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways. But still farmer is hard worker with a low background and loves motherland. For farmer all happiness belongs to his work. He feels pleasure to work in the field.

 Mohan showed a great interest in farming, and wants to be a best farmer and now is almost successful in his work.s

He is blessed with four sons and four daughters. According to him his mother was a blessing for him and she was really a hardworking woman.

And used to do all work related with field. On the other hand his father always struggled for his better growth. Mohan also loves his family a lot and his life is his family.

Farmer is a backbone of every country and he is an important part of our society. This statement fits on Mohan.

He takes all the necessary steps to ensure proper nourishment of the crops that he rises and then sells the items to purchase.

After his father's death, he took the responsibility of his family. He was satisfied about his life.

 He faced the toughest time of his life in 1979 floods, when he had a long journey from Sehwan Mountain to Karachi on foot along with his family members.

 Later, shifted to  village Karan Khan Shoro. He will never forget this harsh moment of his life.

Nowadays he is busy in taking care of one of the vegetables farm. Along with farming, he also takes care of many domestic animals, including pair of the cows, buffaloes, goats and sheeps as well.

Usually we found Mohan engaged in agriculture field. Mohan is not scared of weather, whether  its winter or summer.