Media Raid Shows Provide Awareness Among The Citizens

By: Faiza Otho

Popularity of raid shows in Pakistan is increasing day by day. As we flip the remote control button to change the channel we see the raid shows on every news channel.

It has become trend that every news channel has a raid show. The cardinal purpose of these raid shows is to create awareness among the citizens.

Raid shows unveiled the hidden truth and presents it in front of public. Saare Aam, Target, Badal and Hum Awam etc are among the popular raid shows.

These all shows reality to public. During their investigation on different issues they received threats and face many challenges.

Raid shows play a role of an eye opener to the public. A person gets awareness through raid shows. Now he can easily differentiate between right and wrong.

What things we should keeep in mind before buying anything and of what quality should purchase, is the work of raid shows. Raid shows are showing the reality on all issues whether it is the recycling of disposable hospital wastes, reuse of syringes, urine bags, drips etc.

Adulteration of food which includes items like cereals whose adulterants is mud, chilli powder, black pepper, haldi powder adulterants are brick powder, dried seeds of papaya and lead chromate powder respectively. 

Raid on slaughter houses, adulteration of meat, milk, Ghee, oil, pickle, sweets and bakery items shows the unhygienic condition of the factories.

Raid shows doesn't stop their work over here but also they did raid on illegal professionals like fake doctors and nurses who doesn't have any registration from PMDC, working on clinics, also on cheesha bars and prostitution places ,they removes curtain from all these unethical practices. They prove that reality can never be hidden from them.        

Nowadays we are living in an era where what we see is actually not what we see. The other side of the picture is telling us the bitter truth.

Products which we consider safe and healthy for us are deceiving us. This thing fascinate audience more towards it.

Police investigation becomes active when raid shows render reality on TV channels. Police who doesn't take any action against such types of issues like adulteration and illegal and unethical practices, these shows are making positive efforts nowadays, for the betterment of public.

Before all this, police knows all these unethical activities but they ignored these activities by taking bribes from them. This is all because of raid shows which pressurized the police to take quick action against them.

Half of the duties of police is done by the raid team, they unveiled the black sheep of the society and the police just have to handcuffs the traitor.

Government takes temporary actions against these activities. If the Government work together with raid teams then our country would get rid of these unethical practices.