Poetry Represents The Nature's Truism: Naseer Mirza

By: Haider Ali

There are many people in the world but some are known due to their particular character, identity, personality and ability. They win hearts of millions through their work and sincerity. Among them is Naseer Mirza, who is a good poet, compere and a bibliophile.

He was born on July 20th, 1955 in a well established family of Nasir Mirza, former DSP. Naseer Mirza got his early education from Training College for Men at Hyderabad and did intermediate from Muslim Science College Hyderabad.

After that he did Bachelors from Sachal College Hyderabad and Masters in Mass Communication from University of Sindh Jamshoro in 1981.

Currently he is serving as a producer at Radio Pakistan Hyderabad.

Q. What is poetry and can a common man do it?

A. Poetry represents the Nature's Truism. It is a God gifted art that every man can't do. It conveys the message of love and brotherhood.

Q. When did you start poetry?

A. I started poetry in 1979 and my first verses were

Sukh jo saah natho sambhran dost

Maa jenh deenh khan bewah thi aahe

Q. How did you take interest in compereing?

A. I had no interest in compereing but my teacher Johar Hussain urged me to do this at a program in 1979 and Sheikh Ayaz was chief guest of that program.

Q. Which factors count for good compereing?

A. A good and clear voice, present mind and capability to form sentences count much for good compereing.

Q. Which is your favorite book?

A. Aag ka Daria and Gardish rang chaman are my favorite books.

Q. Who is your best friend?

A. Mr Tariq Alam Abro is my best friend, who is always with me in sorrows and joy.

Q. Who is your ideal personality?

A. My ideal personality is my mother and among others Ustad Sheikh Ayaz is my ideal and every thing that I am today is just because of him.

Q. Which is your memorable day of life?

A. The memorable day of my life is my mother's seclusion from this mortal world.

Q. How many books did you write?

A. I have written five books as yet they are Thee na Saghius Shaer, Khushboo sans, Dharti ja Nala, Safar man and kheme me shaam.

Q. How many awards were you honored?

A. I got award on the book “Safar main Andar” but now my heart doesn't want to recieve any award.

Q. Who are your favourite poets that you read most?

A. My favorite poets are Shiekh Ayaz, Imdad Hussaini and Hassan Dars.