Disability Does Not Obstacle Determination

By: Farhan Ali Abbasi

There are myriad personalities who have achieved success and earned their names despite difficulties regarding their field's works.

Imran bhai is among successful of above mentioned people. Being disabled from both legs, he achieved success in the world of jewelry. Imran bhai was born at Hyderabad in 1980. He received his early education from Government Allama Iqbal School Hyderabad but could not continue further due to domestic problems. But he was determined to be independent and learned skills of jewelry making. Now he has a shop on rent at Shahi bazaar and he is a jewel smith who even supplies jeweler to all cities of Pakistan.

A. Having left school from primary level, I used to sit at home then one day my lovely friend Michael came and asked me that why I was sitting at home? I can do a lot. He urged me to learn this skill. Then I went to Shahi Bazaar with him and he introduced me at Haji Noshad's shop, from there I learned this work.

Q. Did you ever feel disability in your work or at home?

 A. No, neither I did nor I'll do because I like to be independent rather than dependent on others. I used to go to Shahi Bazaar alone, while I learned jewelry works. I never ever felt that I need someone for support and sometime I used to go from Hyder Chok to Shahi Bazaar without any conveyance.     

Q When did you commence your personal work and how? 

A. I opened a gold shop on rent in 2004 at Shahi Bazaar with the help of my relatives. They helped me and on the inauguration day my teacher Haji Noshad gave me a Kalam, the most important tool in the art of making jewelry. In the beginning, the shop was quite small, but with the passage of time I was able to open another shop next to old one.  

Q. Would you like to tell us how many types of ornaments are made in this work?

A. There are many types of ornaments such as polish, jhhali, jarrari, arri, castic, gold bangles, chains, necklace, bracelets and diamond pasting on other ornaments.

Q. How many workers you have trained so far?

A. I have trained four workers. All have their own shops. One of them opened shop in Karachi and others opened at different places of Shahi Bazaar.   

Q. In which cities you supply your ornaments?

A. I supply ornaments to different cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot, Sargodha, Bahauddin, Bahawalpur, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Mirpurkhas and Azad Jamu Kashmir.

Q. Does artificial jewelry affect your work?

A. No, not too much. There are some people who can not afford gold jewelry so they go towards artificial jewelry and wear them on certain occasions, but whenever there is a marriage, most people prefer gold jewelry and give it as gift to their beloved.   

Q. How do you spend your leisure time?

A. I am very fond of traveling, tasting new dishes of different hotels and love to spend time with friends and family.

Q. Tell us something about your traveling?

A. Through this work, I have been able to travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai in 2007 and by the grace of Allah I got honor to pay Umra.