Teaching Is An Honorable Profession: Rasool Bux Dars

By: Rizwan Brohi

Thatta, the ancient place of Sindh has produced many writers, poets, leaders, saints and Sufis.Amongst them, one of the renowned writers of Sindh is Rasool Bux Dars. He was born on June 2, 1953 in a village Photo Khan Dars at Jhimpir, Thatta. He is a multi dimensional person, as he is a writer, a social leader and a teacher. Rasool Bux Dars got his early education from Jhimpir. He did matriculation from Jhimpir in 1970 and intermediate from Degree College Makli in 1979. He acquired his bachelors degree in 1986. Presently, Rasool Bux Dars is Sindhi subject specialist in Higher Secondary School Jhimpir.

Q: When your interest developed in Sindhi literature?

A: Every person has its own interest and fondness. I was interested in studying and writing. There was a social welfare in Jhimpir, where the material on literature was available and I started studying literature there. Mostly, I used to study Urdu novels like “Aag Ka Darya”. While in Sindhi literature, I was interested to read two magazines “Soheni' and “Rooh Ryan”. However during studying the magazines, my interest developed in Sindhi literature.


A: My first story was published in “Tehreek”, a magazine in 1977.

Q: What kind of writer you are?

A: Basically, I am a fiction writer. I have written short stories and about social issuess in newspapers and magazines. I have written a profile book and highlighted those characters, who served their lives in political and social struggle.

Q: Who inspired you to start writing?

A: I was inspired from many writers like Naseem Kharal, Amar Jalil and Hafeez Sheikh.

Q: What kinds of writing do you like?

A: I like short stories of Akhlaq Ansari and novel of Sindhi writers including the novel of Tariq Aalim Abro “Rehji Wayal Manzil” and Haleem Brohi's Novel “Oraah”.

Q: How many books have you written?

A: I have written seven books including two story books “Sanai Jee Soabh” and “Sath jee Moasam”,  Some books are still under writing process. Presently, I am writing the 2nd volume of “Sindh Heeran Khaan”.

Q: How do you see teaching as a profession?

A: Teaching is a quite interesting profession. It is an honorable profession through which we can share our opinions, experiences and knowledge to the students and polish their minds.

Q: Being a social worker, which type of social activities you perform?

A: Currently, we are working to solve the problem of contaminated water of Keenjhar Lake. Where the water pollution is increasing very swiftly, that could endanger the aquatic life of lake.

Q: What do you think about the education system of Sindh?

A: Our education system is still 200 years old in the perspective of modern system and the Pakistani youth are deprived of modern ways and methods of teaching. There is dire need of improving educational standard in our country by providing the modern educational facilities to the students.