It Would Prefer To Be A Scholar: Riaz A. Jakhrani

By: Angli Khan Banglani

We have seen a lot of people who earn their living along with the studies. Mr. Riaz Ahmed Jakhrani is also one of them who worked hard during study and thereby proved to be the part of man of unparallel intellect.

He was born in 1982 at village Ali Sher Jakhrani, district Jacobabad. Presently, he is working as lecturer in Department of Political Science at University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Q. Would you like to tell us about your academic background?

A. I got my early education from Muhammad Pur Oudha and secondary education from Cadet College Larkana. I secured first position in matriculation and was awarded with excellence by the Governor of time, Mujeeb-ud-din and I remained as a best student.

I did B.E (Telecommunication) from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology. Then, I started preparation for commission. I also did M.A from Shah Abdul Latif University of Khairpur, where I secured 1st position.

Q. Can you tell us some thing about Political Science that why is taught to the students?

A. Actually, Political Science is the study of state and government. It is derived from the word Polus means city state. Aristotle, one of the famous Greek philosophers was the first thinker to make systematic study of life and activity in the city of state in his well-known book Politics. Thus, he became the founder of political science. According to the Doctor Stephen Leacock, the political science deals with the state and government as there are four factors of states Population, Territory, Government and Sovereignty.

Q. Do you think the politics of Pakistan is stable?

A. According to the status quo, the political system of Pakistan is not stable because there are not good political leaders who can lead the nation. There is one thing in our political leaders that they are just looking busy but doing nothing.

Q. Why in our country the leaders are not coming with the degree of Political Science?

A. In Pakistan, it is neglected or is not necessary to have degree of Political Science while other countries have such degree holders as leaders.

Q. Do you have any wish which has not accomplished as yet?

A. Yes, it is my wish to do PhD and I attempted twice for PhD and I passed the GRE test, but unfortunately due to some domestic problems I could not go for it but now with the grace of Almighty Allah, I am looking for another opportunity to do it, especially from China.

Q. What is your Aim in life?

A. My Aim in life is to explore the happiness and to give joys to human beings.