Dr. Mughal Is Introducing Reforms For The Academic Betterment: Dr. Abida Taherani

By: Hosh Mohammad Dhamrah

Prof. Dr. Abida Taherani has 33 years of Teaching, Research, Consultancy, Training Coordinator, Management Administrator and Supervisory expertise in inter discipline jobs with Academic institutions, Government Regulatory Organization and International Development Agencies to her credit.

At present Dr. Taherani is director (continuously for 15 years) of Sindh Development Studies Centre (SDSC) University of Sindh, a leading teaching, training and research centre in Pakistan, where her responsibilities include liaison with international agencies, government ministries/departments and parastatal organization, NGOs and research institutes.

It is also encompasses activities relating to designing and management of research studies and training programs, monitoring and evolution of development projects, institutions and human resources development. Besides.

As an administrator she has been effectively managing afore mentioned activates and its various administrative and financial issues/matters. In addition, Dr. Taherani is member of Improving Access to Financial Service Program (IAFSP) State Bank of Pakistan, member National Statistical Council (Govt. of Pakistan), Member Task Force on Revival of Sindh Economy (Govt. of Sindh), Member of the Research council (University of Sindh) and member of various other administrative and financial bodies.


Q: How do you manage responsibilities of two offices i.e. Director SDSC and acting Dean Social Science at a time?

A: It is quite manageable, from 09:00 am to 10: 00am and later at 02:00pm I sit in SDSC Director Office while rest of the day I perform my duties as Dean.

It is a bit difficult to hold two offices at a time although I am working as Acting Dean. Furthermore staff is helping me a lot, which makes things manageable.


Q: What sort of difficulties did you face or currently facing being dean?

A: Every one here is co-operative including heads of departments and teachers, we all discuss what ever problem are and take decisions collectively.


Q: As Acting Dean what are your plans and visions?

A: Vice-chancellor Dr Nazir .A. Mughal is taking some steps to introduce new reforms for the betterment, which is a positive sign for the university.

Especially our focus is to build a strong relationship between teachers and students.

A community service by the students is encouraging sign, through which students are generating funds to help poor students, who do not afford their fees.


Q: You have contributed a lot in education; have been ever rewarded of your services?

A: The Higher Education Commission selected me for the best University Teacher Award for 2008. This was a great honor not only for me but for the university as well.


Q: What are your further responsibilities other than Director of SDSC and Acting Dean Social Science?

A: I am also a Coordinator of MSc Rural Development program of Imperial College at Wye, University of London at University of Sindh and designed courses and syllabi for postgraduate courses in gender and Rural Development, regularly teaching variety of courses at MSc and M.Phil levels, including 'Gender Relations and Rural Change' 'Research Methodology' and 'Water Resouse Economics', and acts as advisor for Ph.D students.


Q: From where you did your PhD and what was the topic?

A: I did my PhD from University of Colorado, USA in 1995 in Managerial Performance and Productivity in Irrigation and Drainage Project (LBOD