Great Poet And Lover Of Sindh University HALEEM BAGHI

By: Naveed Haider Shah

Abdul Haleem Baghi is well known poet of Sindhi language he worked on many poetic books and his poetry is still being used in many Sindhi songs. He is very much famous in university of Sindh because he had been student of this university. He is a great lover, he torn the degree of B PHARMACY when his lover rejected his proposal .After that he got the title of BAGHI with his name.

Q: What made you to go for poetry?

A: Everybody has dream to become well known and popular among the people and so did I, beside this my uncle is a good poet. His personality and poetry admires me, which made me to become a poet.

Q: When did you start writing?

A: I wrote my first poetry when I was in higher secondary school and I delivered that on Latif day function in the school.

Q: What type of poem do you find yourself writing the most?

A: I wrote all type of poems but especially the romantic and patriotic poems which are more popular to public.

Q: Does your poetry reflect your life?

A: It some times do reflect my life, and general feelings too. But there are still more feelings that my poetry will go through.

Q: What is the main theme of your poetry?

A: Actually I have a unique theme in my poetry which is revolution and the unity of the people against any evil and injustice in the society.

Q: What do you expect from your readers?

A: I hope that readers like my poetry and experience the same feelings which I have expressed, if  it happens I feel my success.