A Born Singer Possesses The Real Qualities: Mazhar Hussain

By: Syed Mohsin

Mazher Husain is a versatile singer. He is capable of singing each song in its actual beauty and requirements. He was born in 1966 in a family whose 13 generations have remarkable history in music and singing art.

He learned classical music from his father Niaz Husain and started career from radio Pakistan in 1975 as a child star. He worked in Pakistan Television in 1976 where his first program was “Moti Mala”.

He has performed exceptionally in England, Canada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and almost 15 cities of India. He went America in 1999 to learn foreign music.

He has also specialized Shah Latif which rewarded him with a best award of Sindh “Shah Jo Award” in 2004. He performs “Shah Ji Wai” superbly.

He established a musical institution in Hyderabad named “Sur Society” with the collaboration of his family members in 2007.

Q. What is the theme of your music?

A. We want to promote social, educational, and cultural reforms through music in our society.

Q. Singing is a natural gift or a skill which everyone can learn and adopt as a profession?

A. One must have some natural skills to learn this art. Learning would polish the natural talent. Just practice can not make you a real artist.

Q. How to set a good platform for our singers to compete the Indian singers?

A. We have good platforms but we are in the initial stages. Our musical institutions are not computable compare to them but even we have such artists who compete with them successfully.  

Q. In what aspect our singing artists face dissatisfaction. What is missing in our country for this profession?

A. No doubt, our country is full of talent. But most of our artists have no financial support to show their talent. Millions of rupees are spent only on one song in India but here no one is ready to invest. In fact, we do not have such a big market for it.

Q. In search of a better future mostly our artists go to India but there they are victimized by some unfriendly elements. What do you suggest should they go there in such circumstances?

A. Singing and music art has no borders. One should go everywhere in search of a better future and competition. A good competition brings notable improvement. Such elements are found everywhere in the world. One should himself be careful and not to be scared from such elements. 

Q. How do you see the future of classical music, as our new generation likes pop music?

A. Classical music is a pinnacle and basic of singing art. It remains evergreen and it has a long life. People do not remember pop stars as they remember classical singers. A number of pop singers appeared in past but no one remember them now.