Poetry Is The Voice Of Conscience: Rashid Ali Morai

By: Ali Raza Bhatt

Rashid Ali Shah Morai is not only poet of Sindh but living legend of  nationalist class. Sindhi poetry brought him to new heights of recognition and fame. He managed to attract quarters of liberal and progressive people in the country. It gives immense pride and pleasure to people as he begins to recite his poetry extraordinarily and presents Sindhi language, culture and civilization even more beautiful, richer, and full of life through poetry with his unique approach as a poet. It was March, 3, 1943 Rashid Ali Shah Morai was born in a small village called Juion Larlo near Moro Town. So far, his 10 books have been published which included Sindhri Jo Sodao, Dil Jo Shahar(two editions), Mendia Sanda Khait (two editions), Deewan Rashid, Shuhla Shuhla Wow men, Kafion, Geet, Gazal, Agtay Taan Umang , Pani tay Pehro(stories), Rashid Je Rehan and Khat Khushi Man Khol.

Q: Why did you prefer poetry as your way of expression?

A: I was broughtup in the family of poets where I saw renowned poets around me, my father and two of my brothers were poets, therefore I was inclined towards poetry at very young age.

Q: Why you did not compose poetry in other languages a part from Sindhi language?

A: In mother tongue, a poet can express his emotions, feelings, happiness and pains effectively and no other language can be the appropriate medium of expression.

Q: Would you like to name the poets who were the source of your inspiration?

A: During student life, I was die-heart fan of Shaikh Ayaz and Ustad Bukhari. I used to read their books again and again which were masterpieces, so I was compelled to be a poet.

Q: Why younger generation is not interested in poetry?

A: The young people today have given up the good habit of reading books so the number of readers are diminishing by leaps and bounds.

Q: Why Sindhi poetry is in demise today internationally in comparison to Urdu poetry?

A: Sindhi poets have always been ignored  and have never really been appreciated rather treated like slaves so they even are deprived of opportunities  such as foreign visits in countries like India to take part in especial gatherings of poets.

Q: Who according to you are the fine Sindhi poets today?

A: Ahmad Solangi, Mekash Soomro, Rakhial Morai, Saeed Somro and Saeed Memon are composing good poetry.

Q: What role should media play for promoting Sindhi poetry?

A: I think quality Sindhi films are not being produced. If poetry is used in good films, it can be very beneficial for Sindhi poetry.

Q: What the future holds for Sindhi Poetry?

A: There is a future of Sindhi poetry but Sindhi poets are the victims of feudal mindsets and slavery.

Q: Which type of poetry is your favorite?

 A: It is patriotic poetry.