Civilization Is The Behavior Of Human Beings: Aly Philppe Bossin

By: Khudai Dost

Aly Philppe Bossin is the person who after completion of his Bachelor got special education in photography and started traveling to see the beauty of the world.

Aly philppe Bossin born on 28 Sep 1955 in Taurse city of France. He studied in Lycee gradomt. In 1990 he went to Denmark and studied import/export. He also had training in hotel management and had worked in Sheraton hotel.

He also worked in business (Retail) with an importer who had business of export / import of carpets from Pakistan, Iran and other countries.

For the first time he visited Pakistan as a traveler in 1974. He did french teaching training in Karachi in 1978. He got married in Pakistan in 1984. He remains in touch with education since 1980. He had been teaching in different schools like City School, Army Public School and recently he is lecturer of French language in International Relations Department in University of Sindh. During this course of education and traveling he got opportunity to read Holy Qurhan with translation. He also studied other religions. He got influence by the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and he became Muslim. According to him the religion of Islam teaches civilization and peace for which the world is struggling nowadays. The Muslims are the sufferers because they have left the way of life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). If all the human beings adopt the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH), this world will become heaven of peace.

Q. You talked about the civilization how would you explain this term?

A. Civilization is the behavior of human beings. How they act and how they respond to other human beings.

Q. How did you get settled in Pakistan?

A. I have visited many countries of the world. I like Pakistan the most and that is why I left my country and got established here.

Q. How many brothers and sisters you are?

A. We are three brothers and I am the elder one.

Q. How you will explain the social life of our country?

A. As I have told I like Pakistan the most, here the people live in different parts of the country and every part is having its own social    life and social culture. Their norms and values are very good. The only thing which people are lacking here is education, if we as    a nation improve our education, no body in the world can compete us.  

Q. Would you like to say some thing to the students as a teacher?

A. If they want to enjoy the life than they have to concentrate on their studies only. Every thing of life is waiting for them and if they waste their time then they will have nothing to enjoy. They will always be looking forward for help and their life will become uncertain. I think they should not ask for help rather they should become the source of help.