First Responsibility Of The Teaching Is To Be Regular And Punctual Towards Your Profession: Nangraj

By: Sindhu Mallah

Mr. Allah Bux Nangraj is lecturer at Computer Science Department at University of Sindh. He did his graduation from university of Sindh, he has been teaching in the department of computer science since 2007.

Q: When did your interest raise in computer field?

A: First in 2000, I got admission in physiology and passed first semester from there and got first position, later, I realized my interest in computer science therefore I left Physiology. In pre entry test, I got sixth position. After completing graduation in June 2005, I joined a private centre in my home town Mehrabpur, where I worked for six month. In 2007, I was appointed as lecturer in university of Sindh.

Q: Give comments about the importance of innovation and research regarding Computer?

A: I believe without innovation computer is nothing! Research is basic unit of computer's birth. Computer easily solves human problems, analyses data. Computer itself is not field, but in every field computer is very necessary. Biological research is impossible without computer. For example, Biotechnology, Biogenetics, Bioengineering etc. Some research followers are carrying research in “PERVISEL COMPUTING: things that thing want link”. Means if we are not at home even then we can control those things, like air conditioner, television, and refrigerator, before reaching at home we should turn on electronic things or etc.

Q: Would you like to comment about the responsibilities of good teacher?

A: First responsibility is to be regular and punctual towards duty. Teacher's responsibility is to be sincere with his/her self about teaching. Take classes regularly. Teacher does not involve in other activities for the sake of money, they must focus on students' studies.

Q: What is your philosophy of teaching?

A: Teacher should not bring  books, notes and slides system with them in class rooms, because in this way their studies always remain limited, teachers and students loss their studies skills. if teacher will bring book, notes with themselves, they only discuss some major points from the notes, teacher should study four, three books at least and also suggest it to students, so it may make things clear and creative mind toward study.

Q: What message would you like to give to your students?

A: Students and teachers must work hard, every students must fulfill their' parents hopes, obey theirs parents and teachers. Parents must pay serious attention and monitor their children activities.