I Intended To Become A Mathematician: Dr Aijaz Ahmed

By: Farhan Abbasi

Today, having PhD in any subject is not a thing that surprises but if we hear that someone is PhD in Mathematics then it would certainly surprise anyone.

Professor Dr Aijaz Ahmed Siddique is among one of them who did PhD in Mathematics.

Professor Dr Aijaz Ahmed Siddique is a Professor and head of the Mathematics Department in Government Degree College and Post Graduate Center, Latifabad, Hyderabad. He has taught there for 18 years.

He is 60 years old and had earned Mathematics (Numerical Analysis) PhD from Brunei University, England.

His main areas of studies are Trigonometry, Differentiate equation, Set and Grouped period, Higher Order Differentiate equation and Numerical analysis.

Q. How your interest developed in Mathematics?

A. My interest developed in Mathematics when I was doing my matriculation. I used to practice a lot at home and in school in my free time. Slowly and gradually, my interest went deep in mathematics and I intended to become a Mathematician.       

Q. How did you mange to leave for studying abroad?

A. It was 1991, when I was lecturer in Government Degree College and Post-Graduate  centre Latifabad, Hyderabad. From college side I was awarded fullbright Scholarship for 4-years by Higher Education Commission (HEC). Through Fullbright Scholarship I got a chance to studying in England and completed PhD from Brune University.

Q. Which subject appeals you other than Mathematics?

A. I like to read Urdu literature because my mother always forces me to read Urdu newspaper and it has developed my interest in reading Urdu literature. My favorite writers are Majaz Adam,, Waseem Aijaz and Qurat-ul-ain Hyder.        

Q. Is Mathematics fundamental need of science subjects?

A. It has essential value in science because it is used in completing science projects like making building, making mechanical parts, architectural designs and making glasses by controlling temperature. It is also used in Social Sciences when we do sampling or find the average of required data.

Q. Are there any changes required in Mathematics syllabus of Intermediate and matriculation?

A. No, I do not think so because many changes have already been done in this regard. We learnt sets and group period in intermediate but now they are being taught at primary level.

Q. How do you see inventions like computer that are providing easy paths for students?

A. The availability of computer and its Mathematical software in market is giving more ease and free way in solving typical Mathematical problems all over the world. These inventions are playing remarkable role in mathematics as well as other subjects of studies.

Q. Is there any Mathematician who impressed you?

A.  I was impressed by the wisdom and teaching of late Professor Talpur who was the Chairman of Government Degree College Kali Mori and Shahid Hussain Zadi.

Q. What are your achievements?

A. I have been a co-author of the textbooks of Mathematics for 9th and 10th classes. I wrote one research paper which was published in Sindh University’s Research Journal (Science Series) under volume no 34-A in June 2002 and the research paper “Tenth order Eignen value Problems” will be published soon.