For Knowledge, Hard Work Is Must: Qalandar Shah Lakyari

By: Pireh Bukhari

Qalandar Shah Lakyari is a living legend. He is an educationist who devoted his life for gaining and giving knowledge. He has also taught at Institute of English Language and literature of University of Sindh.

Q: Tell me something about your education?

Qalandar Shah Lakyari: I took my primary education from small town Mirpur Bathoro,  district Thatta. At that time there were seven standards, equivalent to matric of present time and after passing these seven standards (vernacular  exams) one could opt for jobs like teaching, tapedar, clerk etc.

High schools were rare so I went to Sujawal in 1952, for high school education, and passed matric  from Sujawal high school  in 1956. In those times passing matric was a big achievement and it was a university exam.

I remained job less for years together and finally in 1962 I got job as a primary school teacher. Besides teaching I continued my education I  passed M.A in English in 1970 and was appointed as  teacher at English department and served there till the age of 60 years.

Q: Do you feel any difference in past and present education standards?

Qalandar Shah Lakyari: I am disappointed to see that now education standard has fallen. I think today’s masters degree has come down to matric level of our times.  At our times standards were very high. The system was very strict, there was no copy culture or any recommendation, 100% merit was there.

Q: What would you say opinion about the political interference in universities?

Qalandar Shah Lakyari: I have got clear idea that universities should be free from all types of political involvements. There should be no boycotts or pressurizing to both teachers and students. Every one should be free to get knowledge from universities. There should be superiority of merit and there should be no favoritism or recommendations.

Q:  Any message for students?

Qalandar Shah Lakyari:  All I can say, they must work hard. As we all know “ILM” is knowledge and knowledge should be sought every time. Our whole life is for gaining knowledge. One should seek knowledge from  cradle to grave,  as our religion says. The knowledge is the only key to success, it not only  provides us information, but also builds our personality.