Pakistan Needs To Establish Strong Relations With Neighboring Countries: Shakeel Ahmad

By: Rahim Dad Khushk

A very soft hearted person, who struggled to achieve his goals, named Shakeel Ahmed. He passed his graduation in 1986 from Sachal College and LLB from Jinnah Law College in 1987. He did his masters in International Relations in 1988 from University of Sindh Jamshoro. Then he did his second M.A (Economics) from Shah Abdul Latif University, where he is a lecturer.

Q. Why most of the people give preference to private degrees as compared to the regular degrees?

A. As we know that in regular degree programs, the number of students is less, students prefer to private appearance in examination. That is why the number of students is less in regular programs as compared to the private.

Q. Is it necessary to have foreign faculty as professors and lecturers?

A. First of all, our country is full of cherishing & dashing talent but we need foreign faculty as the visiting faculty because they have innovative ideas and thoughts.

Q. What is proper definition of IR?

A. Its very complicating to have a single and proper definition of IR, but according to me, state to state relations are called as International Relations.

Q. Do you think Pakistan has good relations with neighboring countries?

A. No doubt, Pakistan is very resourceful country. But in terms of relations it is enjoying good relations with China. Basically, Pakistan is facing deep-isolation period, it needs to establish the strong relations with neighboring countries.

Q. Does International Relation support country's political and economic conditions?

A. Somehow, they can be changed but the cultural and social motivations could not support sufficiently. They need to establish a regional harmony. Terrorism is very much disturbing factor among the relations of the country. Basically, the terrorism is the sense less killing, those who are saying that the terrorism is fighting for the right they are wrong.

Q. What do you prefer as the methodology of teaching?

A. I think if teacher is punctual and devoted no doubt students can participate very well in class. Works should be done to make the concepts clear.