By: Unknown

Punctuality and discipline are the two important parts of life. One cannot step forward in life if he does not value and follow these two. If one does not follow traffic rules and does not value time on road, he cannot move forward on it.

These factors can be seen in major cities of Pakistan including Hyderabad. Wide roads seem to be narrow due to scurry parking of vehicles at no-parking zones especially at commercial and emergency areas.

This causes wastage of time and odds for those passing by. Having private transport now-a-days has become a trend, massive traffic jam can be observed at many places like Chandni, Autobhan road, Giddu Chowk and Tilak Incline.

We also can see huge illegal parking outside Latifabad Unit # 8 market. People park their cars and rikshaws in a very rowdy manner. People park their vehicles for hours and get busy elsewhere, not caring for pedestrians and traffic.

Parking at wrong place in wrong position obstructs the smooth flow of traffic. It appears that everyone considers it his right to occupy road widely.

Some people fight against double-parked cars and vehicles outside the market and shopping malls. Such illegal parking is mess not only for traffic on road but also for pedestrians.

The area which should be used as footpath, now a day is used as parking zone. At busy commercial areas in Hyderabad, pedestrians have to encounter problems as they cannot walk alongside road.

They walk very cautiously as to avoid vehicles both on road and roadside. Many accidents took place due to this rowdy parking. Not only time but it is also a loss of life and property.

Parking at restricted area is a hazard to road and footpath users. Parking restrictions enforcement and a sense of responsibility can surely lead to road safety as well as accessibility of roads and footpaths for everyone. This can save time, property and the most important gift of nature to Life.

To manage the system of illegal parking in Pakistan, government should take action against the violators and also make roads widely and give a separate area to park their vehicles orderly. To control this issue, first government should make roads widely and public must cooperate.