Hyderabad Traffic! Nightmare Of Citizens

By: Bilawal Jalbani

Hyderabad the second largest city of Sindh covers the area of about 3.198 square kilometers. According to the census of 1998 records city had the population of 1.67 million this rate raised to the number of approximately 3.5 million till 2011 and according to the census of 2012 the population of the city crossed 4.5 million. 

Such population rate causes numerous problems, along with many others; traffic has become a nightmare for citizens.

The major cause of traffic is that drivers are illiterate having no civic sense, though the roads are wide enough but encroachment leaves only half of the width.

The road illegal parking is crown of such encroachment in which municipal officers are mainly involved, thus a large number of vehicles make the running road  very narrow.

A women living in Qasimabad Hyderabad complained that she could not visit her maternal family for months even living in the same city because local transport are not having routes there and using auto rickshaw coasts about 300 rupees, which is the total amount of her husband's daily wage. 

The authorities must take action against such problems and design strategies to ply relief for citizens. Other than these, authorities also must look for solutions of traffic jam at different locations in the city.

 As from Gull Center to Hyder Chowk the road is narrow so that the half traffic of the city pressures the road specially from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. And the broken water lanes on Hyder Chowk make condition worse.

The Hosh Muhammad fly over of Qasimabad has become another major cause of traffic jam in that area.

I don't know why the authorities have behaved as step mother to the people of Qasimabad and looks as the love of kin mother awaked in the heart of authorities while planning Latifabad fly over.

Government shall take urgent steps and projects like Bus Raid Transit (BRT) shall be started in the city.

Traffic Police should perform duty land radio system should be introduced by city traffic Police as done in Lahore.

As smooth flow of traffic enhance the beauty of city. Getting rid of these traffic problems from city Hyderabad is although time taking but not impossible, for this the city administration and citizens will have to get determined and one day surely Hyderabad will get rid of this.

The city which was called Paris of India in gone days, would again be called Paris but “PARIS OF PAKISTAN