Travelling In Public Transport Hyderabad

By: Huma Quershi

For big cities efficient public transport is vital hence all big cities in the world roads are more quickly constructed and better utilised. Fewer traffic jams ensure that people can move quickly and comfortably.

It is right of every citizen to have access to local transport because local transport reduces 20 percent of our expenses. In Pakistan, the condition of public transportation is miserable. In Hyderabad transport has always been a major problem.

 There was time when government buses used to ply from Hirabad to Latifabad and from Society to Kotri. Though its population was half of the present.

The district government banned the buses in the city hence people were let at the mercy of  unreliable, poorly maintained and outdated public transport system  such as buses, Suzuki, mini taxi etc, which are plying on different routes of the city.

 You can find a huge number of people waiting for these public transports.

In Suzukis passengers  are dumped like animals. No comfort, no safety no low cost fare is there. There are only two routes where buses ply.

Traveling through a bus is relatively a cheap transport in which people from a common man to a well-to-do citizen travels.

The fast increasing population of Hyderabad has resulted into mess in public transport. Most sufferers are the  students. Every student wants to look fresh and well-dressed in school/college but public transport condition ruins this dream.

A huge rush is witnessed in buses  in  the morning and not even a place to stand, where getting a seat is a dream.  Buses are filled with people like goats and sheep and still conductor shouts “aaja  aaja  buhat  jaga  hai.”

 Some cases have also been reported that people sitting on roof of such transports stuck in wire and lost their lives but still there is no any law to control this.

You'll find people clung to the doors and perched on the roofs of buses which sometimes can be really dangerous. Every third person to get on this stuffed bus is a student.

Once you get into a bus be ready to face the most horrible ride you ever had. The best part is when you get off the bus and come to know that your purse or mobile is stolen.

 What else can you expect? Concerned authorities must have to take some serious actions to improve the transport facilities in Hyderabad.

But where are the concerned authorities, from whom to seek help? If my words have power to reach the concerned officials I try to give them wakeup call. I am still sure this won't make lice move on their ear.

I shall pray to God that may He take care the entire people who travel through these public transport.