Game Of Death

By: Irsa Saleem

Why people prefer motorbike?  Mainly there are two reasons- , it's an easiest and cheapest ride and people use bike for fun. And this fun sometimes becomes too much risky.

Whenever we turn the pages of newspaper or tune the news channels we often read, hear or see the report of an accident caused by the motorbike crash. A little urgency often brings a horrible accident.

Today, motorbikes are being sold at the cheapest rates; which means a common man can buy it.

 Interestingly, so-called modern people or burger class of our society feels absolutely proud to violate traffic laws, it seems that they are actually playing with traffic laws; they do not even wait for the green light. They simply run away without looking sideways.

Few aggressive riders do not even worry about heavy traffic; they just mean their own business and make their own ways, causing further hindrance in flow of traffic.

According to a report, approximately 12,000 people die every year due to motorbike crashes in Pakistan and 90% of them were not wearing helmets.

Last year government of Punjab, started an awareness program regarding safety measures by handing over free helmets to the motorbike riders, which was extremely great initiative.

Unfortunately, such productive decisions are only taken in major cities, but what about the other cities of Pakistan?

 Motorists need to become more responsible as well. It makes no sense to have safer vehicles and roads and then for motorists to drive like idiots.

A part of being a good driver is staying alert for hazards on the road, whether they are other motor vehicles, pedestrians, dogs, farm animals, rocks and tree limbs, or cyclists.

Many motorists who are otherwise careful forget to slow down in poor visibility, to pass only when they can see clearly ahead, and to observe posted speed limits. It's better to get late than to get injured.

Parents also need to take time to explain the traffic laws to any children old enough to leave their sight. At the youngest age, children must be taught to stop and look before entering or crossing a street.

When children are old enough to ride a bike on the street, they must be taught traffic behavior and about traffic signs. A good way to teach them is to ride with them.

Learning good traffic skills and consideration for others is important even when riding bikes with other children on residential neighborhoods and will pay off when the child later rides the bike on the road and even later gets a car.