Phobia Of Youth

By: Hina Hameed

Modern technology reflects almost every aspect of our new generation, from education to communication; social networking tools used like mobile phones, computer, internet etc are extensive.

Of all these mobile phone apps, WHATSAPP and VIBER are considered as cream of crop. These chat apps are shrinking down our globe; the distances are getting concise and convenient.


Though in the field of communication we already have cell phones but a revolutionary social network is now introduced in the form of whatsapp and viber. These chat apps seem landmark step in the world of technology.

In today's busy world, people desire to convey their messages fast by spending less amount.

These chat apps are best one with benefit of free of cost communication for one year and after that with low cost.

Whatsapp was initiated by an American, Brain Acton and Ukrainian, Jam Koum in 2009 whereas Viber was designed in December, 2010.

These apps are only   available for Android phones, Black berry, Nokia series 40, Nokia Asha platform and Symbians. Additionally these chat apps are accessible in variety of languages.

These fast emerging social apps have multitudinous enjoyers that is 350 million and 200 million monthly active users respectively.

Our tenders seem to have more craze towards these apps instead of mobile network packages (SMS and call packages) because through these apps are more accessible for exchange of pictures , audio messages , videos, tracks.

Students can share lecture notes with each other, we can have free abroad calls with no distortion, no disturbance, easy to use and more reliable.

All fun stuff is now happening on mobile phones part of reason is that cell phones we mostly have chat apps, offer private chatting with friends.

Although face book is also a platform for social contact but I would rather give data puller tag to whatsapp and viber because for one, it encompasses instant texting offer whole day.

Now our teenagers just have couple of clicks to say HI… HELLO… to their friends.

These social apps have dramatic impact on our society. On whatsapp and viber accounts, teenagers update their status to show what is going on in their life and share their memorable moments (pictures) with their friends.

The use of whatsapp and viber seems as “phobia of youth” as through these tremendous apps we can have instant messaging and free calls throughout the world and say BYE BYE to tax charges and package activation.