Increasing Acid Throwing Accidents In Pakistan

By: Bilawal Soomro

Acid attack is an extreme form of violence that harms victim physically as well as psychologically. In Pakistan 70 percent of victims are women and girls whereas 30 percent are men and kids.

Two days before Eid two girls were targeted by acid attackers in Balochistan, the motive behind attack was to get revenge and snatching beauty of victims. Though media is reporting these incidents however still many cases go unreported due to social pressure.

In Pakistan, law exists aiming to eradicate these attacks. It was proposed after the Naila Farhat case which was taken to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2009, the victim won the case.

Former Chief Justice  Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry consequently advised the parliament to legislate on acid and burning violence on the model of the Bangladeshi law.

Pakistan is among the countries where acid attacks are much common. Nearly 150 incidents are taken place every year in Pakistan, among them 50 are in Balochistan.

In 2010, parliament passed the Acid Control and Acid Crime Prevention Bill which proposed severe punishments to the attackers. 

However the law is rarely enforced in rural areas. In 2008, Irum, 20, a university  student suffered from acid attack, and the cause of attack was her rejection to a marriage proposal. She has undergone 25 times plastic surgery to recover her face.

Any violence in the society is destructive. Human Right activist Zahida Detho said that acid attacks severely affect an individual and turn her unfit in the society and ultimately victim is pushed to end his life.

It does put psychological pressure so the counseling is mandatory at least to recover its mind state.

Acid attacks victims should be given equal opportunity to work in the society and treated equally. Nobody have right to spoil the life of anyone.

These attacks show the dreadful and degraded image of our society in the world. Strict laws should be enforced, if we want to eliminate this unethical practice from our society.

Open sale of acid in the market must be banned and the culprits of attacks should be punished severely.