Internship Craze

By: Faiza Otho

Finding an internship in a well reputed organization is as hard as finding a job.

Every university student wants to have an internship during semester break for several reasons; to acquire first-hand knowledge of the relevant organization before entering into the professional field.

For preparing their final thesis report about a particular organization and some do it to get experience because most organizations consider internship experience for jobs.

As the semester break starts, students rush towards their relevant field organizations to do an internship for which they were mulling throughout the semester.

Some organizations respond quickly to the request while some do not, because they have no space for hiring interns or they don't have permission for it from higher authorities.

It's a barrier in the way of talented students to pace forward in any organization or field. Students who get selected for any organization as an intern should have the basic information about it before joining the organization.

So, it will save the time of both, the organization as well as the pupils. Students must show their potential and grit to the organization that they are competent to learn new dexterity.

It is of utmost importance to be sincere, dedicated and proactive during the internship period.

Another interesting thing is, internship requires some strong reference, even for the unpaid internship. Steadily, the reference became a trend in our society and deepened its bitter roots.

Because of it, not every student takes the opportunity to fulfill their internship craze. During the internship, students try to possess savvy in their relevant field and experience to work with aplomb.

When students graduate and apply for job in organizations, employers seek experience, reference and know-how of practical work. But the same organizations do not agree to give them internship.

These are the organizations which do not mingle theory and practical work. But their demand is experience and practical work.

The crux is that organizations are not supporting the fresh talent which will have gruesome results for the society and youth.

The need is universities and institutions should collaborate with organizations or must sign some MoU to place their talented students in their selected fields for internships.

It will be supportive for the students in the future to work idyllically in their professional life and build dynamic career.