Teenage Suicide

By: Imran Sahito

Dejection causes loss of life. Teenage suicide is drastic problem nowadays. The youth which is the symbol of nation's prosperity is now becoming the symbol of darkness. 

Teenage is the period in which one can build or destroy his future.

It is said that death only needs an excuse but suicide is not just a state of mind that develops overnight, it develops gradually.

This social evil is the result of wide and varied problems like irritability, peer pressure, alcohol abuse, unemployment, poverty, emotional negligence and the most prominent cause is depression.

It is the third-leading cause of death among young people 15 to 24 of ages. Main reasons behind the teenage suicide are the pressure of studies and sometimes the broken relationships.

Many teenagers do not tolerate the pressure of studies; they do not discuss their academic problems with parents and over thinking results in suicide.

These teenagers do not understand that suicide is not a solution to their problems. Actually, it's cowardness, facing the problems of life is the sign of liveliness.

According to psychologists, teenage suicide is not the result of boredom. It's usually about either mental illness or emotional disturbance caused by circumstances.

According to the annual report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), poverty and an uncertain future are turning teenagers to end their lives. WHO states that in the last 45years the suicide rates have risen by 60 %.

Surveys revealed that suicide rate has become more common in youth than in adults. In spite of all these it is also a fact that teenage suicide is preventable in which family and especially parents can play vital role.

They should pay more concentration on the problems of their child in their growing age and discuss with them.

Parents should not treat their children in a rude, harsh behavior because if they do not treat them in friendly manner, children would hide their problems and hesitate to share it with their parents which would result into gruesome incidents.  

Teenagers should be guided properly by their parents. They need to understand the real aim and meaning of life. It's an expensive gift of God and by committing suicide we disobey Him.

We can get rid of this increasing trend of teenage suicide, if parents talk with children about problems faced by them.