By: Muhammed Danial

Black, shining, expensive and carpet roads are not made for garbage. But are built for providing comfort to the public and traffic.

But TMA (Taluka Municipal Administration) proved that roads are made only for garbage not for traffic and public.

The main road of Latifabad unit number 12 has converted into dumping ground  for garbage where one will find dirt and sewerage water which polutes environment..

Not only garbage but sewerage water is also choking the road. Interestingly the other areas of Latifabad are clean and beautiful.

The TMA is ignoring this part of Latifabad which is famous market for all kind of items. The famous Jumma Bazar is also held here.

Another plus point of this road is that it also leads to the Airport of Hyderabad and many passengers travel through this road but because of dirt people face difficulties while traveling , they can't drive and  walk easily and they all are afraid of infectious diseases as TMA has turned it into a dust bin permanently.

No one is taking the notice of this issue. Fruit and vegetable sellers are also worsening its condition.

One day I was going with my mother from this road, suddenly I felt that I am climbing on hill not on road.

I saw my bike was stranded in the pile of garbage. Many accidents took place due to hill of garbage. Bad smell and dirt has become identity of unit  number 12.           

The garbage is collected here rapidly because of big market but it doesn't mean that this area will always remain dirty. Why not TMA arranges more workers, and sweepers to clean area daily because this area is good for every kind of business.

It is one of the cheapest market of the Hyderabad, where every all items are available hence a rush is witnessed.

TMA should focus on this area and they should think about people and chalk out plan to make it beautiful. Lets wish, soon we would see it more clean and developed in Latifabad.