Expensive Education And Careless Generation

By: Farman Ali

Education is an important factor for the progress of country both economically and socially. Education plays a vital role in society for the growth of nation and shaping an individual's character.

It helps people to get their identification and respect in the society. Without education a person is incomplete.

In today's competitive era, education is necessary for everyone but it has become a business nowadays. A middle class person cannot afford it, despite increasing the number of schools and colleges. While walking on the road, we can see schools in every corner.

Privatizations in education as well as ponderous fees are major cause of it. Secondly, the books are so expensive that a common man is not able to give proper education to his child.

After completing primary and secondary education, students are unable to take admission in universities due to high fees.

It doesn't mean that poor children have no rights to get quality of education. Should they return to their homes and start earning by working at shops or becoming mechanic?

Many business-minded people have made it their profession for earning, one who finds no way to earn so he starts coaching centers. Some teachers have their own agenda.

They do not teach properly in school and colleges but they give their best performance in private tuition centers for minting money.

Now a days education has become so expensive that parents hardly manage to afford their children's educational expenditure for their bright future but our young generation is totally careless about it, they don't think about their parents' struggle.

They are heading towards destruction. Parents send their children to the expensive universities for their better future but after getting admission, they concentrate on activities other than studies.

They try to adopt unethical culture and go towards destruction for the sake of fashion and style.

They try to follow others in dressing and hair styles, living style and adopt trend of smoking. According to the students, these styles make them more handsome and stunning.

Actually by following these trends they get addicted by all these things, they forget their real aim and dream of parents.

When they step up in practical life, so they realize real importance of previous years, due to lack of information and knowledge about relevant field.

So younger generation should be aware of importance of time and education because things passed cannot be recalled.