Shamim Soomro A Versatile Personality

By: Aisha Jamali

Shamim Soomro, a versatile personality, having command on her profession but also blessed with helping nature, friendly behavior and also a perfect woman. Known as grand artist and broadcaster at Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Hyderabad, she is Chairperson of Social Work Department.    

Shamim was born on October 18, 1955 in Hyderabad.

She has unparalleled style. She speaks very softly while her individuality becomes unique by her way of dressing and behavour.

 She likes to wear rings in her finger and has great craze to decorate her home, office with great decoration pieces as well as with flowers.

There are countless successes on her account. Madam toped the Faculty and completed her M.A in Economics and in Sociology as well. Mrs. Soomro also got her Ph.D

She was the first girl in her family who entered university and joined the Radio programmes. She faced traditional hurdles, but her father remained great supporter and encouraged her in the difficult time.

 And she believes that her all achievements are due to her father. She was awarded with Excellent Voice Artist Award by Radio Pakistan.

Her husband is a renowned broadcaster Illahi Bux Bhabhan, Deputy Controller at PBC. Madam Soomro is blessed with two daughters and one son. Mrs Bhabhan likes toys, flowers and her favourite colour is natural green and she likes cloudy weather but unfortunately it is harmful for her as she is patient of asthma.

She loves soft music and ghazals and her favourite singers are Jagjeet Singh and Muhammad Juman. She is fond of having poetry and in her childhood, one day she suddenly wrote poetry on the wall of her home and her father was surprised to see such nice poetry at that standard and that poetry was of Allama Iqbal.

Her message is, life is not the bed of roses. Hence one should struggle, as struggle is the only way to success.