Pehalwan Of Gharo

By: Zeeshan Tanoli

To live a healthy life has become a challenge today. There is no quality food, hence it is contributing to increase ratio of diseases.

Some men of wisdom have said that health is wealth and there are few people who are living such a healthy, happy and contented life.

Mir Mohammad Palijo is also one who posses a wonderful skill of Pehlwani or wrestling.

He was born in 1964 at Gharo, near historical place Bhambhor.

He could not get his higher education due to financial reasons and lack of interest; however, he got primary education from a local school and started labor work like carrying blocks/bricks and other heavy tasks.

When he did these kind of works slowly and gradually his interest developed in pehalwani as his father Yar Mohammad Palijo also used to play different skills during cultural activities.

Mir Mohammad Palijo started this profession under supervision and guidance of his father. Progressively, he developed this skill and showed his amazing talent before the world. He pulled cars and heavy vehicles like Mazda, Truck and Bus etc. with his hair and teeth.

He set up a health club in 1981 at Gharo named Hydri Health Club and launched training programs for his students.

He participated in Bambhor Seminar in 1983 and played cultural game “Peenjree” and pulled cars. On this occasion, then Deputy Commissioner Kareem Bux Rind awarded him first position.

Apart from Pehalwani, he took part in many welfare activities. He was nominated vice president of Young Welfare Association Gharo.

He also participated in district level programs held at Ministerial Committee Hall, Thatta in 1990, where a jeep was driven over him.

On the occasion, chief guest of the program MPA Aijaz Shah awarded him prize.

Mir Palijo improved his skills and became popular. Sindh Culture department sent him in inter-provincial competitions in 1993.

Iin 2004, a program was held at Jinnah Stadium in which players from 49 countries participated. Mir Mohammad Palijo was awarded Basant Mela prized. He also challenged Bholoo Pehalwan of Punjab and ShehanShah Pehalwan of Dubai.

In 2007 he set up a health club in Makli for ladies and gents. More than 200 students were being trained to improve their health there but later it was closed due to political crises.

However currently, he is working as a carpenter besides carrying on his pehalwani.